The Constituency Development Fund was introduced in Kenya in 2003 with the passage of the CDF Act 2003 by the 9th Parliament of Kenya. The CDF Act provides that the government set aside at least 2.5%

of its ordinary revenue for disbursement under the CDF program. 

Three quarters of the amount is divided equitably between Kenya’s 210 constituencies whilst the remaining 1/4th is divided based on a poverty index to cater for poorer constituencies. Under CDF, the constituency is functioning as a development unit. CDF is devoted to community based projects, which ensure that the prospective benefits are available to a widespread cross-section of the inhabitants of a particular area.

 CDF Committee

The Constituency Development Committee (CDC) is the overall coordinator of development projects in the constituency under the leadership of the MP. CDC is also responsible for sourcing of funds from funding agencies, e.g. CDF and overseeing the application of the funds in the respective projects


How the Committee(s) Function

  • Every project implication is monitored and evaluated on the basis of the expected outcome and the time periods allocated.
  • The monitoring and evaluation of implemented projects is carried out by a subcommittee within the sector committees.
  • Regular meetings and field assessment at development sites are conducted to ensure successful implementation and that quality work is produced.
  • Sector subcommittees report to the Constituency Development Committee on a quarterly basis on the progress of the various projects.
  • Each sub-committee has an expert knowledgeable on the sector, who ascertains on the quality of work done.


Stay tuned for more information about our CDF, including the details of the Constituency Development Committee.